Lodge Charity



Each year Good Samaritan Lodge offers a limited number of scholarships for local student applying for colleges. Applications are disbursed to each of the high schools in Adams County for students to pick up and fill out, and selections for the scholarship winners are normally picked by the beginning of April. For a copy of the application please contact your local high school's guidance department, or click on the link below.


Good Samaritan Lodge #336 - Scholarship Application
Complete to apply for this scholarship opportunity.
Scholarship Application.pdf
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Coat Drive


The major charitable effort for our Lodge in recent years has in an attempt to aid the Gettysburg Homeless shelter and some of the local churches in providing winter coats, hats, and gloves to needy individuals and families. Each year, just before Christmas, our Lodge will provide these causes with as many items as our budget will allow. Although we by no means are able to completely satisfy the demand for this type of charity in our area, our hope is that we can make a difference for someone who might not otherwise get the help they need.

Golf Tournament


Just as in any charitable organization, to give money out, you first need to raise it. Our Lodge has accomplished much of our yearly fundraising through the generosity of our members, and by the organization of an annual golf outing. All of the funds raised through this outing are returned to members of the community through programs such as the Coat Drive and community donations.


Local Donations


Our Lodge has a rich history of supporting the local community in various ways, and providing funding for numerous local causes. Every request for funding that comes into the Lodge is received and reviewed by the Charity Committee, and if found to be worthy, is presented to the Lodge to be voted on. In its over 150-year history, Good Samaritan Lodge has been able to take pride in being a helping hand for those in need.