Summer St. John's Day Banquet

Good Samaritan Royal Arch Chapter No.266 is beginning a new tradition of having a Summer St. John's Day Banquet to kick off the 'dog days' in an appropriate manner.  In accordance with the Masonic traditions of honoring both St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist as our eternal Patrons, our Chapter will be hosting a banquet on the evening of June 24th of each year.


We have found that it is a not only a festive way to start the summer break, but also to bring our Masonic family together for a final time before vacations begin. All Masons, families, Masonic Widows, and guests are welcome at these banquets.


We sincerely hope that you will join us for this mid-year celebration, and we wish you and your families a happy and safe summer season.


This Year's Banquet

As this is our first Summer St. John's Day Banquet, the venue for this year has been set to take place on Sunday, June 24, at the Lodge on the square in Gettysburg, PA. The address where the event is to be held is: 9 Lincoln Square, Gettysburg, PA 17325.  The banquet is scheduled to kick-off at 6:00pm with a social hour, then beginning the dinner itself at 7:00pm, followed by the introduction of any guests and ending the evening with a scavenger hunt.


The meal will be served 'buffet-style' and the menu consists of: A salad bar, and a selection of rolls and butter as appetizers, and an entrée TBD (should have available by 6/7/18 at the latest.)  For dessert the diners will need to follow the clues "National Treasure" style at the end of the night to find out where and what it is!


The cost for the evening's event is $22.00 per person, and all reservations must be received at the Lodge by no later than close of business on Friday, June 22, 2018. Reservations can be made by returning the printable form below to the Lodge with an accompanying check, or by using the link below.


(As always, if planning on joining us from another Lodge or Chapter, please indicate your Lodge/Chapter name and number in the reservation remarks, as well as which Officer position held, if any. This will greatly help us in appropriately recognizing your attendance.)


2018 Summer St. John's Day Reservation Form
This is a printable copy of the Banquet Reservation form for those who do not wish to complete the online reservations.
2018 Summer St. John's Day Form.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 571.5 KB

Symbolism of the Saints John to Freemasonry

Both of the Saints, John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, appear to Freemasons several places in our nomenclature. However, references to them in our rituals has been questioned for many years regarding both their use and their placement. When looked at together, Saint John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist serve to represent the balance in Masonry between having eagerness for the fraternity itself and a learned equilibrium regarding it's teachings. The Saints John, stand in perfect parallel harmony representing this balance.


From the Masonic perspective, we are given this balanced dualism of John the Baptist on one side and John the Evangelist on the other in relation to brotherly love and fraternal acceptance. Individually strong, together they stand in ideal symmetry for any well rounded member of the Fraternity. This counterpoint however, is not just pertinent to Freemasonry, but can be applied to all areas of life. For these reasons, all of the Blue Lodges within the state of Pennsylvania, as well as many others throughout the world, list the Saints John as their patron Saints.


In looking towards the future, it remains that St. John the Baptist Day is an appropriate celebratory day for Freemasons, as it is the perfect end-of-year occasion for us to come together and reflect both on our history and on our future. It stands to remind us, not just of our past, but also as a recommitment to the obligations made to ourselves, our brethren, and our families. In all of our time as a fraternity, union celebrations such as this one have been helpful to reaffirm the ties that bind, and whether those ties be the bindings of fraternity or the familiarity of institution, we should remember the Holy Saints John’s, not just in our Lodges but together in brotherhood.