O.E.S. Mission

The Order of the Eastern Star's mission is to provide for the welfare of the wives, daughters, mothers, widows, sisters, and other relatives of Master Masons and is devoted to religious, charitable, and educational purposes. We strive for excellency through education, training, dedication, and commitment.


Going forward, the objectives and goals of our organization are as following:


Payback – we will honor our senior members, never forgetting the sacrifices they made to sustain our existence.


Investment – we will ensure that our youth are supported spiritually, emotionally, and financially in their pursuits of excellency.


Development – we are committed to providing our membership with the highest level masonic experiences in education, charitable giving and fraternal socialization.


Gettysburg O.E.S. Chapter #392 continues to promote an environment of peace, harmony, unity, insight, and love to those seeking to live by the principles of morality and friendship. We wish to encourage those seeking "light" to continue their journey with us.