Masonic News & Events



5/1/2018 - Tickets for this Fall's Low Vale Meeting on the Gettysburg Battlefield go on sale today at 12:00 noon!!!! Please place your orders as soon as possible as this event gets sold out extraordinarily fast. Tickets can be purchased at the District 3 Website.


5/1/2018 - The time has come for this year's Memorial Day Parade!! We have invited 130+ Masonic bodies from around the area to join us in honoring our Veterans by marching with us in the Parade, however ANY Mason, or Masoically affiliated person is welcome to participate and march on Monday, May 28, 2018. Information on the parade can be found on our Memorial Day Parade page.


5/1/2018 - The Worshipful Master and Officers of Good Samaritan Lodge No.336 would like to invite all Master Masons to join us for our April Stated Meeting, to be held on Thursday, May 10, 2018, at 7:30pm. We will be presenting this years Scholarship Awards prior to the Stated Meeting.


5/1/2018 - The Most Excellent High Priest and Officers of Good Samaritan Royal Arch Chapter No.266 would like to invite all Royal Arch Masons to join us for our April Stated Meeting, to be held on Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 7:00pm. The presentation topic for this month will be "Masonic Advertising."


5/1/2018 - An additional continued reminder for all members that we are ALL members of the Hall Association. Currently the Hall Association is looking for active members and new officers, to ensure that the Lodge is run efficiently and that the building remains up to usable standards. Please consider stepping up and being a service to the Lodge and to the Community.


5/1/2018 - The 42nd Masonic District of Pennsylvania will be holding is monthly School of Instruction on Wednesday, May 23, at 7:00pm at the York Masonic Center, York PA. All Masons are encouraged to attend. It is a great environment to learn our ritual and to meet Brethren from the other Lodges in the District.


5/1/2018 - There will be a Family Breakfast and Open House on Saturday, May 25, 2018, from 8:30am to 2:00pm. Join us for a meal and tour, and get to know us better. Family, Fellowship, and Fraternity!



Blue Lodge Masonic Birthdays:


The Master and Wardens of Good Samaritan Lodge would like to acknowledge all of these brethren for their many years of service and membership to our organization. As we are a life-long organization, and our bonds of family and friendship continue to grow, we feel the need to remember how far we have come, and who got us where we are today. Thank you all, for all of your dedication, ambassadorship, and continued support.


5/1/2018 - For this month of May, 2018 A.D, 6018 A.L. we wish to recognize the following brethren:


Calendar of Events



The Worshipful Master and the Officers regretfully announce the passing of these beloved members of our Masonic family. Please keep them and their immediate families in your thoughts and prayers.



  • Brother Earl H. Peters, Entered 2/14/1963, Passed Away 5/2/2018.
  • Brother William R. Martin Sr. PM, Entered 6/27/1949, Passed Away 4/26/2018.
  • Brother Harold L. Yingling, Entered 5/11/1995, Passed Away 4/13/2018.
  • Brother Roy R. Baker, Entered 10/14/1949, Passed Away 4/9/2018.
  • Brother Mark J. Yingling, Entered 3/15/1969, Passed Away 3/30/2018.


  • Brother John A. MacPhail, Entered 9/12/1957, Passed Away 12/15/2017.
  • Brother Richard Martin Kreisher, Entered 10/14/1971, Passed Away 12/10/2017.
  • Brother Elson Clair "Jake" Grim, Entered 1/10/1963, Passed Away 10/31/2017.
  • Brother Robert L. McCleaf Jr., Entered 3/12/1959, Passed Away 7/24/2017.
  • Brother George E. Helwig, Entered 10/8/1953, Passed Away 6/20/2017.
  • Brother Donald C. Uber, Entered 1/14/1971, Passed Away 4/26/2017.
  • Brother Karl L. Burkhardt, Entered 1/9/1969, Passed Away 1/31/2017.
  • Brother Thomas J. Winter Sr., Entered 2/28/1975, Passed away 1/1/2017.


  • Brother Charles E. Kuhn Jr., Entered 2/13/2001, Passed away 12/16/2016.
  • Brother Sebastian R. Hafer, Entered 4/10/1947, Passed away 12/15/2016.
  • Brother Glenn Slaybaugh Jr., Entered 6/13/1952, Passed away 11/8/2016.
  • Brother Clair W. Settle, Entered 9/10/1964, Passed away 10/14/2016.
  • Brother George H. Lomas, Initiated 6/22/1983, Passed away 9/19/2016.
  • Brother George C. Bonham Jr., Entered 9/9/1999, Passed away 7/17/2016
  • Brother John W. Schwartz, Entered 6/10/1954, Passed away 5/13/2016.
  • Brother Grover E. Thompson, Entered 6/22/1951, Passed away 5/10/2016.
  • Brother Paul S. Eicholtz, Entered 4/12/1956, Passed away 4/19/2016.
  • Brother Norman J. Schoch, Entered 4/14/1977, Passed away 3/7/2016.
  • Brother William E. Troxell, Entered 10/14/1999, Passed away 2/1/2016.
  • Brother Nym B. Patterson, Entered 11/12/1970, 1/3/2016.