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3/1/2020 - The Grand Master’s Leadership Seminar will be held at the Masonic Villages in Elizabethtown at the Brossman Ballroom. This will be held on Saturday March 7, 2020. Registration is currently open on the Grand Lodge website. Registration runs from 7:45-8:30 along with a continental breakfast. The seminar will be from 8:30-3:30 with a break for lunch that is also being provided. There is a $25.00 fee to register for this course and this fee may be paid by the lodge with the proper motions and approvals. This is a very interactive course that has received very positive feedback from those who have attended over the past couple years. The course has been updated for this years’ sessions. All officers and members are welcome to register for and attend this informative seminar.


Saturday 14 March 2020 will be the Regional School of Instruction in Carlisle. The 42nd District is responsible for the third degree this year. Please contact Brother Zink, PI of the SOI if you are interested in a part. All members are welcome to attend the session and support our degree team.


On Saturday March 21, 2020 the Academy of Masonic Knowledge will be holding one of their meetings in Elizabethtown. This entity only meets twice per year and always offers some very thought provoking presentations. This is a great opportunity to take a new member to an event that will satisfy one of the requirements for the Master Builder award. The DDGM will be attending the morning session in Elizabethtown and hopes to see many members there.


On Saturday March 28 2020,  the Officer Training Workshop is also being offered in the Brossman Ballroom in Elizabethtown. Registration for this seminar is also currently open on the Grand Lodge Website. This seminar is for SW, JW, SD, mentoring chairmen, and Education Chairmen for the lodges.


Several years ago the Grand Lodge made it a requirement for advancement in the elected chairs to attend this Officers Workshop. Please advise your officers that attendance at EITHER the Leadership Seminar on March 7, OR the Officers Training Workshop on the 28th, can and will be counted for the ability to advance.





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The Worshipful Master and the Officers regretfully announce the passing of these beloved members of our Masonic family. Please keep them and their immediate families in your thoughts and prayers.





  • Brother William E. Troxell, Entered 10/14/1999, Passed Away 12/12/2019
  • Brother Donald L. Howard, Entered 10/15/1996, Passed Away 6/6/2019.
  • Brother Selmer W. Hess, Entered 6/13/1972, Passed Away 3/11/2019.
  • Brother Ernest W. Walker, Jr., Entered 1/18/1972, Passed Away 3/11/2019.


  • Brother Salvatore F. Prezioso, Entered 10/17/2000, Passed Away 9/25/2018.
  • Brother Earl H. Peters, Entered 2/14/1963, Passed Away 5/2/2018.
  • Brother William R. Martin Sr. PM, Entered 6/27/1949, Passed Away 4/26/2018.
  • Brother Harold L. Yingling, Entered 5/11/1995, Passed Away 4/13/2018.
  • Brother Roy R. Baker, Entered 10/14/1949, Passed Away 4/9/2018.
  • Brother Mark J. Yingling, Entered 3/15/1969, Passed Away 3/30/2018.


  • Brother John A. MacPhail, Entered 9/12/1957, Passed Away 12/15/2017.
  • Brother Richard Martin Kreisher, Entered 10/14/1971, Passed Away 12/10/2017.
  • Brother Elson Clair "Jake" Grim, Entered 1/10/1963, Passed Away 10/31/2017.
  • Brother Robert L. McCleaf Jr., Entered 3/12/1959, Passed Away 7/24/2017.
  • Brother George E. Helwig, Entered 10/8/1953, Passed Away 6/20/2017.
  • Brother Donald C. Uber, Entered 1/14/1971, Passed Away 4/26/2017.
  • Brother Karl L. Burkhardt, Entered 1/9/1969, Passed Away 1/31/2017.
  • Brother Thomas J. Winter Sr., Entered 2/28/1975, Passed away 1/1/2017.


  • Brother Charles E. Kuhn Jr., Entered 2/13/2001, Passed away 12/16/2016.
  • Brother Sebastian R. Hafer, Entered 4/10/1947, Passed away 12/15/2016.
  • Brother Glenn Slaybaugh Jr., Entered 6/13/1952, Passed away 11/8/2016.
  • Brother Clair W. Settle, Entered 9/10/1964, Passed away 10/14/2016.
  • Brother George H. Lomas, Initiated 6/22/1983, Passed away 9/19/2016.
  • Brother George C. Bonham Jr., Entered 9/9/1999, Passed away 7/17/2016
  • Brother John W. Schwartz, Entered 6/10/1954, Passed away 5/13/2016.
  • Brother Grover E. Thompson, Entered 6/22/1951, Passed away 5/10/2016.
  • Brother Paul S. Eicholtz, Entered 4/12/1956, Passed away 4/19/2016.
  • Brother Norman J. Schoch, Entered 4/14/1977, Passed away 3/7/2016.
  • Brother William E. Troxell, Entered 10/14/1999, Passed away 2/1/2016.
  • Brother Nym B. Patterson, Entered 11/12/1970, 1/3/2016.