Memorial Day Parade Information

General Information

The Gettysburg Freemasons wish to extend the invitation received by the Gettysburg Joint Veterans Memorial Day Commission (GJVMDC) and welcome all members of the Masonic Community to join us in honoring our nation's Veterans and the sacrifices they have made for us, our country, and our freedom. Each year people from near and far flock to places like Gettysburg, PA as they stand out in particular as monuments to our servicemen and women, and we are honored to partake in the events of this solemn occasion.


Running continuously since 1867, this is one of the Nation's oldest and premier continual events honoring "those who gave their lives that the Nation might live," and is held on the site of the American Civil War's bloodiest battle. The day's events include both the parade as well as services to be held at the Gettysburg National Cemetery at the Soldiers National Monument.


Both prior to and after the parade, the Gettysburg Masonic Lodge, Good Samaritan Lodge No.336, will be open to provide visitors a chance to tour the Lodge and seek rest and refreshment. All are welcome!



Memorial Day Parade Route

The parade will begin to move at 2:00pm promptly north easterly to East Middle Street where it will turn west. Upon striking Baltimore Street, the parade will turn south and follow Baltimore Street to the East Gate of the National Cemetery. The total distance of the parade route is approximately a mile and a half.


Muster Information

All people and vehicles participating in the parade will form for the parade at 1:00pm on LeFever Street at the Gettysburg Area Middle School parking lots to prepare and line up for procession. When arriving at the formation area, please enter LeFever Street from off of Baltimore Street. If dropping off someone for the formation, please exit by the East Middle Street entrance. This flow must be maintained for the formation of the parade so there will be little confusion and a clear path maintained through the formation area.


If you are planning on joining us, just look for the Masonic banners and guys in tuxedos, and please make sure to bring water and stay hydrated as this always ends up being one of the hottest days of the Spring! The marching order of any of the Masonic Bodies present depends on which bodies are in attendance but will generally fall as such:


- Police and National Park Escorts

- Color Guards, Civil War Units, and Historic figures 

- Veterans Organizations

- Masonic Bodies

  • Blue Lodges (in order of Lodge Number with Host Lodge first)
  • York Rite Bodies
  • Scottish Rite Bodies
  • Order of the Eastern Star
  • Other Appendant Bodies
    • Tall Cedars of Lebanon
    • White Shrine
    • GROTTO
    • etc.
  • DeMolay
  • Jobs Daughters
  • Masonic Motorcycle clubs
  • Shriners

- Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Cubs and Brownies

- School Children