Lodge Store

Good Samaritan Lodge #336, F.&A.M. is proud to be able to offer its members and friends an opportunity to purchase various items relating both to the Lodge and Masonry in general. All proceeds from purchases will be used to maintain the Lodge building itself in it's historic state.

Store Items

Rings / Jewelry
From $5.00 1
Paper Products
From $5.00 1
Low Vale Polo
From $45.00 1
Lapel Pins
From $5.00 1
From $5.00 1
From $2.00 1
From $4.00 1
From $5.00 1

Charity & Events

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** It should be noted that the products we are selling are all either donations from various members and their families, or products purchased by the Lodge itself - We are NOT in the business of producing products ourselves.  Some are new, some are previously owned. Due to this, all items are sold "as-is." This being said, we are also more than happy to return all money in full if the item is not up to your standards. We appreciate your understanding in this matter. **