Job's Daughters Charity

Job's Daughters play an important role in serving the community. They do this by participating in activities such as visiting hospitals and homes for the elderly and participating in food drives and other activities to provide for the less fortunate. These activities take place at the local Bethel level throughout the state. Although our young women contribute their time and their efforts to many different charitable causes throughout the course of each year, our official charitable cause is the HIKE Fund.

The Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment (HIKE) Fund:


The purpose of the HIKE Fund is to provide hearing devices for children with hearing impairments from newborn through age 20 years of age, whose parents are financially unable to meet this special need. Children are eligible to receive a grant providing the need is verified by a prescription from an audiologist or physician. Please feel free to click on this link for more information on the HIKE Fund.  

Job's Daughters Academic Scholarships:


Scholarships are available to aid Job’s Daughters of outstanding ability who have a sincere desire to further their education.  High school seniors or graduates, junior college, technical or vocational students or college students and those in early graduation programs who are Job’s Daughters in good standing in their Bethels may apply for these scholarships.