Royal Arch Mission

The purpose of Freemasonry is to be a builder of character. Our Masonic duty is to develop, in our present lives, the highest qualities within us. To reach this objective, we must have knowledge of the goal and the pathway by which it may be obtained. The time honored method of teaching in our Fraternity is through a system of degrees, through which fuller understanding of Masonic concepts is developed.


It shall be the goal of Good Samaritan Royal Arch Chapter to consistently and responsively enhance those lessons taught in the Symbolic Lodge. We will do this by developing and promoting programs:


•  That build character in our membership,


•  That foster growth in prospects for fellowship,


•  That provide opportunities for increasing leadership skills, and


•  That allow our Lodges and Chapters to make a difference in our communities


Therefore, we are committed to continuing the Masonic education of our members, and supporting the lessons taught and obligations administered within the confines of our rites and rituals.