Good Samaritan Mark Lodge #139

Welcome to the home page of Good Samaritan Mark Lodge #139!


Currently, there are only six Mark Master Mason Lodges in the state of Pennsylvania. However, our Lodge is an oddity even within the company of our fellow Mark Masters as we do not restrict our membership to an "invitation only" basis, nor do we have the requirement that you need to be a member of our Mark Lodge to attend. All Royal Arch Masons in good standing are allowed to attend our meetings.


As Mark Lodges are also a rarity throughout the United States, the Degree of Mark Master having been folded into the Degrees offered by the Holy Royal Arch Chapter bodies, we offer a new working perspective for the basis of these Chapter Degrees. If you are a Royal Arch Mason in good standing and are looking for a unique Masonic experience, please feel free to stop by and enjoy the company of our Lodge.