'Coats for Kids' & Other Charities Annual Golf Tournament

Tournament History

Since 2011, Good Samaritan Lodge #336 has hosted an annual charity golf tournament to raise money for local Adams County families in need and other various charities. At that time, it came to our attention that there was a serious need within our community for families of limited means to be able to keep their most vulnerable members warm and appropriately attired through the cold winter months. Through our fundraising efforts, and the generous donations received from both local businesses and private members of the community, we have been striving to help meet that need.


It should be noted that 100% of the profits from this charity tournament goes towards organizations in our community who have requested support, or those people in need of help or assistance.  Since this mission has started, we have been able to use the money raised from this tournament for a variety of charities. Although it is true that the vast majority of the funds raised here will be used to provide organizations such as the Adams Rescue Mission (ARM), Adams County School System, and St. Francis church of Gettysburg thousands of dollars worth of winter clothing for their most needy members, we have also been able to provide numerous academic scholarships to Adams County youth over the past years as well.  We take pride in not discriminating where we offer our assistance as we see so many needy causes right outside of our front door. In the past we have also helped organizations such Adams County WIC, individual persons and families going through financial hardships, and other various local churches and charitable causes. Where there is a need, we do our best to help.


However, taking care of our fellow man is something no individual and no organization can do on its own! Please assist us in helping those in our community who need it the most! Consider either playing, sponsoring, or donating as your help is much needed and will always be welcomed.