Commandery Charity

As a Knight Templar, one has many opportunities to help others that are less fortunate, and every Commandery is encouraged to assist their local communities in any way they can.  Today, the Knights Templar display their courage and goodwill by doing works of charity and always attempting to go beyond what is normally expected from a community member.  They do such things as organizing local fund-raising activities such as breakfasts, dinners, dances, and flea markets, and supporting Masonic-related youth groups in addition to other officially sanctioned charities. In doing this, they raise millions of dollars for medical research and educational assistance for those in need.

Knights Templar Eye Foundation: The Knights Templar Eye Foundation Inc, is a charitable foundation founded in 1956 to aid those who need help in the preservation of sight. Assistance is available to anyone in need for surgical treatment without regard to race, color, creed, sex, age, or national origin provided that they are unable to pay or receive adequate assistance from current government agencies or similar sources, and provided that they are within the financial guidelines of the Foundation. A letter of denial from a tax-supported agency is necessary for assistance.  For more information on the Knights Templar Eye Foundation please feel free to click here.


Knights Templar Educational Foundation: The Knights Templar Educational foundation Committee considers all applications for scholarships, without regard to age, race, religion, National origin, gender, of Masonic ties or affiliations. These scholarships are not "grants in aid", but are open to all students regardless of their financial circumstances. Since its founding the Knights Templar Educational Foundation has assisted more than 100,000 students for an aggregate monetary value of over 38 million dollars through Loans and Scholarships to deserving youth thereby exemplifying the purpose and principles for which it was created. For more information on the Knights Templar Educational Foundation please feel free to click here.

The Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage: In addition to the many religious observances throughout the year, The Grand Encampment of Knights Templar sponsors an annual "Holy Land Pilgrimage". The purpose of the pilgrimage is to send Christian Ministers to the Holy Land for a Biblical Study and Historical/Cultural Immersion Experience.Masonic membership is not required and the Minister can be male or female. For more information on the Knights Templar Holy Land Pilgrimage please feel free to click here.